Tuesday, June 8, 2010

One minute a day to heal the Gulf, and Ourselves.

I am sure we are all aware of the environmental disaster that is unfolding in
the Gulf. And with it, the requisite anger, blame game, and fear-mongering that
has become habitual for so many.

Yet I'm also seeing the awakening side of the coin. I see many people waking up
to what we have done/are doing to the planet. I see pro-war and pro-violence peers,
contemplating universal and human elements for the first time in their life. I
see newspaper articles speak (accurately)(SFGate) of our dark collective unconscious and finishing with "let us pray".

I see a real opening.

With that in mind, I created a Facebook group this morning with the intention of
(praying) 'One Minute A Day to Heal the Gulf Waters and Ourselves.' Every day
at 10:10 am, I will be focusing energy, love, and healing thoughts for
the best and highest good of all.

I invite you, any and all others, to join together at that time, and for those
who have Facebook access, please send the link to all of your contacts, inviting
them to join. I am sure we are all aware of the environmental disaster that is unfolding in
the Gulf. And with it, the requisite anger, blame game, and fear-mongering that
has become habitual for so many.

There have been many studies done showing the beneficial effects of focused or intentional directed energy has on water crystals. And since we humans are mostly water, ...well, do the math.

I invite you, and all others, to join together at that time, and for those
who have Facebook/Twitter access, please send the link to all of your contacts, and post on your profile page, helping to spread the word. Together we can make a difference.


Eric M.


Sunday, January 31, 2010

Energy Medicine Evening

I will be hosting an energy medicine night at Studio Within Wednesday, Feb 24th at 7pm. Lots of information and healing demonstrations. A one-hour session will be raffled off to an attendee. Love offerings for Haiti accepted. More details to follow.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stuckness Speaks

Just back from a 4 day trip to Sedona, AZ, and I sit down to write. It's been a short while since I've tuned in, and it seems the proverbial topical fruit are low-hanging enough to be picked. I am: Well-rested? Check. In a quiet space? Check. Have plenty of recent material? Check. Latte' with cookie snack? Check. The only issue is that I feel like an hour ago, I drank a tall glass of 'shut the fuck up'. I'm stuck in this writing moment. I ponder. This stuckness isn't one born of my reformed 'inner critic/inner editor', who sometimes would like to edit the words before they even hit the page, no matter that I am the only person in the room. No, rather, it is more that there is so much happening today, and in life, it becomes a task to keep up and put a pen to the occurrences. I remind myself to do things out of joy, not obligation. In the past week, I have bounced from one essential experience to the next. From soul readings in Sedona to healing share circles to finishing an Eckhart Tolle book to hiking with shamans to parenting a highly evolved child. Time has collapsed to the point where it feels like I've done 87 things in but a few moments. How does one describe that? I think maybe I just did. There is the feeling that consciousness is speeding up so fast, that at times, it seems like the words we use to describe the events can be limiting. The vibrational essence of what transpires is a bit lost in translation because there are no equivalents in the English language to describe sacred essences. Essential equivalents in Ancient Latin, Sanskrit or Hebrew? Maybe. In English, no. Johannes Kepler did some interesting work with this sacred sound frequency phenomena, but I digress.

Bottom line, I'm stuck. So I tune in to one of my muses, the Archangel Gabriel, keeper of wisdom, keeper of communication and the arts.

Eric: "I'm stuck. It's not flowing."
A.G.: "Your present moment is your moment of presence. What is your present moment?"
Eric: "I'm stuck. It's not flowing."
A.G.: "Write about that."
Eric: "I may look dumb, but I sure am stupid. Why ya gotta know everything?
A.G.: (chuckles)

There is wisdom in that. We know that where our thoughts go, energy flows, in this quantum world we live in. The "Now" is all we have, and things like regret and worry are part of the illusion that is the past and the future. All we have is this present moment. The present moment is. Rather than stressing over what I may or may not write about(in essence: this unknown topic is a part of the future), my present moment(a few moments ago, :) ) was that of 'being stuck'. Once I can acknowledge that, without identifying with it, the awareness of 'being stuck' becomes aware of itself. Energy flows there, and balance is restored. Harmony is re-established and the words can flow. Literally writing about "not writing" is the tool that snakes the clogged creativity pipe. I'm back to a balanced state, and the muse can shine through, without Eric getting in the way.

In many ways, this is merely an exercise in simple listening. I'm sure I could rationalize many reasons why I've been stuck and not writing. I'm sure I could propose mediocre theories about how the time wasn't right, or I'm waiting for the perfect words or excuse myself because of getting caught up in the day-to-day grind.

The bottom line is I haven't been fully listening.

There is a healing metaphor to be had here, and it is not the cliche' "the longest journey begins with a single step", although i do like that one too. It is that when we simply listen, to our bodies, to our heart, to our spirit or higher self, we find we have all that we need. When we get to the source, the symptoms fade away. Take out the lead general of your frustration/anxiety/anger/worry armies, and the soldiers all surrender.

How do we do this?

By listening. By being present.

When I hear dissonant notes coming from my guitar, I know that it is time to tune it. When there is static noise on the stereo, I adjust the dials to the correct frequency of the intended station. Likewise, when I am in pain, physical or otherwise, i.e. noise or static(imbalance) in my body, I lean in and listen to see what the message or lesson is.

Many times, when we feel pain or discomfort in our bodies it is because of an energetic imbalance. This can manifest in "stuck energy". A simple example of this is a headache, migraine or otherwise. It is usually localized to one spot, or one area. The energy is "stuck" or dense in this area. So when we apply Reiki, or another energy focusing technique, we are basically becoming "present with the pain". Acknowledging the imbalance is the first step back to balance. The client will oftentime report the pain is moving. That's when you know you "have it", and it will soon be whisked away. When it is in motion, it is light enough to ultimately be removed/transmuted, and the client restored to balance. A healing has occurred.

This, in a similar way, is what has occurred with my writing. So now that I am writing again, what did my "stuckness" tell me? What did I learn by leaning in to the imbalance of 'being stuck', from my writing infirmity?

A reminder(again) to choose to create out of joy, not obligation. There's no obligation in creation. It dilutes its vibration. It loses its essence, and becomes inorganic.

Consider it remembered. Or is it re-membered?

Either way, I am grateful.



Wednesday, December 30, 2009


As I reflect on 2009, I am reminded of the many blessed things that occurred healing-wise. In early Spring, after apprenticing, I received my medicine bag from Singing Man, an Arapaho Elder, with a blessing to facilitate purification lodges. A month later, I was attuned to the Shinpiden or Master level in Usui Reiki Healing. I found a questionnaire/paper I wrote at about the same time, for the Reiki attunement. Here are some blurbs, I share my process in hopes it adds to yours.

Hand-on healing occurs in childhood when your Mom may have put her hands on a scrape, bump, or bruise.

Shedding old systems has allowed me to develop healthier habits.

Let go and let God.

Doing things I say I can, rather than doing things others say I cannot.

Know who I am and what I came here to do.

Warm with fire(of truth), do not burn.

Healers don't heal people, they facilitate people healing themselves.

Balancing 'being' with 'doing'.

Chose peace over being right and stepped away(from a conflict).

I honor all that led me to this present moment, good, bad, and ugly.

Be in full integrity. Integrity just is. When integrity isn't, the way back to the center is to honor oneself starting with one's words and deeds.

Re-connected with Mother Earth.

Realized the importance of staying grounded. The more I am here in the present now, the more I can be ever-expansive, or (connected to) everywhere.

Everything or everyone we come in contact with has something to teach us.

I have more compassion for myself than I used to.

See how some of the people I have liked the least, have helped me grow the most.

Having joy, not just fun.



Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays!

A blessed holiday to all in whichever way you choose to celebrate. May you be abundant with joy, health, love, and spirit, this day, and every day throughout the new year.



Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Letter to a Lightworker

(This is a response to a query from a friend who loves to give but has trouble receiving, and is experiencing fatigue/exhaustion, stress, and a sense of being overwhelmed, even though the person eats right, exercises, and lives a conscious life. The allopathic(Western medicine) doctors have been unable to help this person. I share this response(with permission) in hopes it adds to your journey.)

I am writing this as a reminder of how things are changing on Mother Earth at this time. Take it as you will. You are very special. You have chosen to help so many, and transmute/transform so much, and perhaps that is why you have felt the need to "be the strong one" for so many, and also will indirectly explain the fatigue. You are growing. Rapidly. These are growing pains. Pain can be a great learner, and transformative, but my wish for you is never to suffer. I hope you get the answers you are searching for. All I can say(and I'm saying this as a reminder to myself as well) is these daily practices have helped me deal with some of the same conditions you describe. Hope it helps.

Nurture yourself--- We cannot give what we do not have. Receiving is an essential part of the giving/receiving equation. If you do not receive(love), you are taking away someone else's gift of giving. Think of the airplane analogy, when in the event of emergency, they instruct you to fill yourself w/oxygen before helping the child. Same concept.

Tai Chi/Yoga---To ground the new energies and shifts that you are experiencing. Helps one to remain centered as it feels like time (but is really just consciousness speeding up) is speeding up.

Breath/Meditation--- There are several simple ones that help on a daily basis. It's free, and helps ease anxiety, and bring the nervous system down a notch when we feel overwhelmed.

Walk, in the sun if possible--- Sun helps serotonin levels, which helps moods. Get as much sun as possible. If you're inside a lot, get one of those full spectrum light boxes.

Hydrate---Drink as much water as possible...When you r done, drink more water.

NO PROCESSED FOODS---you already know/live this.

Baths/Salt Scrubs---On a regular, to help cleanse your energy field.

Nature--Be with the Earth as much as you can, get some every day---gardens, parks, beach, and yes, hug a friggin' tree. Will help balance the chaotic vibration of the city...

Clear--Make it a constant practice to get rid of things you do not use, to create space for more goodness to come in. Let go of all that no longer serves you or your life. Feng shui, if you will, your entire life, it works on physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Smile---Whatever makes you smile/laugh---do it.

Pray-- Whatever form that takes, whatever that word means to you..send light...be in gratitude.

Express yourself/love: Let no one tell you how to express, it is simply important that you do it with your true voice.

Ground: When you feel dizzy, use some grounding techniques...grab your favorite crystal, rub some tobacco in your hands, whole-brain postures, imagine a cord tethering you to the center of the Earth. Whatever resonates with you, stay grounded. Think of the gyroscope: As it speeds up, it becomes even stronger, provided it is in integrity, i.e. at its center.

Re-connect w/your feminine energy: do it in private if you have to, whatever you consider art, or right-brained activities, ballet, singing, magic, painting, whatever..let your inner artist shine...let your natural intuition flow....

hope these help.

many blessings,


(Feel free to send thoughts and comments to eric.majeski@gmail.com and/or contact me to learn more about an intuitive healing session)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

We've Read the Wrong Books

I saw the movie 'Home' recently (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqxENMKaeCU ) with my Light Circle group at Columbia College. It is a graphic depiction of the situation on the planet at this time, and how scientists feel we have about 10 years or so to get our shit together as a species. So the question that's come up is, are we, as a human race going to make it?

I believe we will. And I'm not into being optimistic just for its own sake. In chatting with a member of an intentional community the other day, I said that the world is not all faeries and pixie dust. Group hugs and trust falls, while nice, aren't gonna reverse the damage to what Native Americans call Pachumama, or Mother Earth. We all need to answer the call to the sacred activist within. To be the change. The alternative? We will not survive as a species, probably within one or two lifetimes. Humans evolve, or humans become extinct. Pretty simple.

Having positive beliefs is different than just positively thinking. One can have all the positive thinking in the world, and still feel like shit behind closed doors, be depressed, experience chronic anxiety, etc. Positive thinking, while nice, comes from our conscious mind, and easily gets trumped by the behavioral programs, or beliefs running in our much more powerful subconscious mind. It's the same as when one goes to see a traditional clinical shrink, you sit on the couch and vent, it feels good for a little bit, you pay your money, pass go, and then a week later you're doing the same shit as before. A person with positive beliefs rooted at the subconscious level can recognize there is lots of disharmony and dissonance on Planet Earth at this time, and help said individual remain centered and at peace despite the outside noise or dissonance. A person with positive beliefs can have emotions such as anger, anxiety, fear, without those emotions "having" him or her. Positive beliefs are essential to sacred activism, in my humble opinion.

We've fucked up the biosphere(Earth) pretty good. 20% of humans consume 80% of the planet's resources. 40% of arable land has suffered permanent damage. Species are dying out at a rhythm 1000x faster than the natural rate. 3/4 of all fishing grounds are depleted, exhausted, or in dangerous decline.

Most human beings I know have good hearts. Most try to lead authentic and aware lives. Most live by the book and mean well. So how the hell are we literally on the brink of extinction as a species? How did we fuck things up this bad?

Simple. We've been reading the wrong books.

There is a lotta confusion out in the world because the Darwinists and Newtonian scientists have metaphorically peed in the cosmic chili. The science that our genes control our destiny is false, it is our beliefs that do. Our perceptions create our reality. Change the perception(at the subconscious level), and you change your reality. Our environments DO matter. In English: "survival of the fittest" has been the scientific basis running the show for the last couple hundred years, and with it the idea that we are all separate. Symptoms of this include that greed and consumption and competition are good. That you must lose in order for me to win. That I have to do whatever it takes to get the job, win the audition, accumulate as much as I can. To survive. This science works for the self-interested few(economic elite, politicians, church/religion, and so forth) as a means to maintain a stranglehold, on what else, POWER. The trickle effect leaks it down unconsciously to a popular culture that for a long time, was(is?) obsessed with, "keeping up with the Joneses". With material wants and over-consumption. I, at times, conscious or not, have been part of the problem. I, and many others, now have chosen, and choose every day to be part of the solution.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, molecular biologist and epigeneticist, and author of the Biology of Belief and Spontaneous Evolution, says that evolution is not random, and it is through cooperation that the first cells evolved into multi-cellular organisms. This has happened throughout evolution when faced with a biological imperative to do so. One might say the planet is at such a threshold. We must evolve, adapt, and thrive as a species, or we as an entire human race will perish and die.

A lot of things ARE seemingly backwards right now. The people in charge of our fiat-based consumer economy are punishing savers, and rewarding spenders, rewarding reckless risk-taking. We have inflation in things we need(food, energy, etc) and deflation in the shit we don't(DVD players, electronics, retail anything) Allopathic medicine is hamstrung by insurance companies and many doctors are frustrated and disempowered to do their true work, to heal and be one with the Hippocratic Oath. Politicians spend most of their time and money on re-election, not service. Scandals in religion. Wars against invisible enemies. Football is our national religion. (i like football, i'm just sayin')

All of this stems from the false notion that we are all separate from one another. This is simply not true. In the quantum world we live in, everything is connected. We are literally all One. The science has arrived. And only through cooperation do we have a chance to answer and transcend this biological imperative the planet is currently faced with.

The Mayans believe we are entering the Age of the 5th Sun, in which ethics will transcend power. It is already happening all around if one looks closely enough. There's over 1,000,000 organizations across the globe promoting conscious living and unity and sacred activism at this time. That number grows every month. It's not a point in time, but rather, a process. We haven't tapped the potential of 90% of our brain, and 80% of our DNA potential. Science, like Dr.Lipton's, is catching up to consciousness and spirit and religion. They are literally merging. They have always been one, but we have been conditioned and programmed and distracted from these facts, as a means of control.

My monkey mind doesn't know if we'll make it or not as a human race. If enough people wake up, if enough "imaginal" cells survive, and form a version of a galactic butterfly, or critical mass, we will. Ends are beginnings, death becomes re-birth, yadda yadda yadda.

I believe in my heart that we will evolve in time. And to quote from the movie Home, I feel, "It's too late to be pessimistic."

I choose to be positive, not in the aerie-faerie, singing Kum-ba-ya on the top of a mountain-sense, but in a way that my belief system is aligned positively to affect change, in myself, and for the planet, at this time.

It doesn't make it right or wrong, it simply makes it my choice.